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Underground Cable Installation

Electrical efficiency with LED lighting

Whether it is the underground power supply to your factory, shed, bore pump, or front gates, Powercare has the skill set and machinery to complete the full installation, be it rural, residential, commercial or regional.

Not much works now a days with out power. And often we don’t even think about how the power gets to our house, or shed, or pump.  Usually, it runs underground. If you have a new house being built, or a shed, or a new pump, or even the electric gate at the front driveway, chances are, power will be required.

Powercare offers the solution here too.  We have the expertise to help you ascertain your job requirements, even simply giving advice if required.  We also have the equipment in the form of a 1.8T excavator, to dig the trench, install the conduit and cable, and backfill the trench. It’s very easy.

You tell us what you would like, leave the rest to us and we will make it happen.