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LED Lighting

Electrical efficiency with LED lighting

LED lighting significantly lowers energy consumption (90% more efficient), reduce maintenance costs, and higher safety. PowerCare provides upgrades for residential, commercial and regional purposes. There’s no time like the present to start looking at your options when it comes to LEDs and energy efficient lighting design, especially if your electrical bill is high or you’re unhappy with your current lighting plan.

Full Range of LED Lighting

PowerCare offer a full range of LED Lighting Upgrades from.
No matter what your lighting needs are, we can offer you numerous energy alternatives to ensure ongoing yearly savings. PowerCare can help you with your choice of fixtures and designs. LED lights are sophisticated devices and quality components will create reliability and efficient high performance. Your business or home may be eligible for the government Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) through an upgrade package. LED lighting provides many environmental advantages.
From highbays to warehouses, to farms and workshops, PowerCare offer a full range of LED Lighting upgrades. Lighting, when done well, can make a big difference to many facets of your workplace. If it’s a workshop where you have your team manufacturing your product, a bright work area reduces mistakes, but more importantly, it improves moral and the ability to cope mentally. It’s a proven fact that people who work in a dull environment can also begin to struggle mentally. So, if you want to brighten up your workplace, start with the lighting.

It’s not only that, but your chief bean counter will also be impressed with the results from an accounting point of view if you upgrade your lighting. Yes, all work performed on your premises is an investment. But if you told your bean counter that the result of your upgrade in lighting not only produces a brighter workplace, but will result in 65% reduction in running costs, that’s sure to put a smile on their dial.

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