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Electrical Maintenance (Commercial & Residential)

Electrical solutions for all commercial and residential needs

Electrical maintenance is very important to allow your house, farm or business to operate efficiently. PowerCare services many different installations, including the machinery and equipment to dairies, cheese factories, wineries and chicken farms, factories and warehouses are all covered.

Like most things in life, maintenance is the key to ensuring that what you have invested in continues to perform at is optimum intended purpose.  And it’s no different from your electrical installation and apparatus. Particularly in the commercial realm, machines and equipment require ongoing love and attention.  More often than not, equipment has an electrical component to it.  And because we thrive on problem solving and providing solutions to problems, getting a power supply to your property or a machine in your factory back up and running after it has failed, is a big part of our DNA.  We thrive on it. 

Our team respond quickly and help you to get back up and running efficiently.