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Stand By Gen-Sets

Power when you need it

Generator installations are a fantastic insurance policy to prevent loss in the event of a power failure. Be it for the contents of your household freezer, your factory, your farm, or your rural property, Powercare can supply and install generators with automatic start and stop functions to create an almost seamless power supply.

Whether it’s your house, or your business, 99% of the time, you rely on power in some form.  

Often, it’s only when the power is off, that you realise how much you rely on it.  Who’s had it, that when a storm hits, you go to the cupboard to fetch a torch or a candle, and along the way, you flick on a light switch as a matter of habit?  It’s natural that you do it, because every other time it just works.  Well, don’t stress!  We can help.  

 A standby generator is the solution.  We will assess your installation, determine the size of generator required.  We will price up the installation and install it so that your power supply will be reliable.  The gear we provide allows the generator to start on a power failure and stop when the power returns, all automatically.  No fumbling around in the dark. What’s more, it will allow your pumps to run, particularly when there is a fire.  So a generator negates the need for a separate fire pump to protect your house!