Power Care WA

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Plant and Equipment

Quality equipment to help with every project

To make our job easier, and your job cheaper, Powercare has invested back into the business and obtained quality equipment to make our job safer and more efficient. 

  • 8T Kubota excavator to dig and backfill trenches. This is floated to site on a custom-built trailer. It allows us to work quickly and efficiently

  • JLG Scissor Lift. This allows us to safely work at heights.  It has a platform height of 7.6 meters.  It fits through most doorways.  It allows us to work safely and efficiently

  • Cable location and fault location equipment. This specialised equipment allows the team to safely locate cables and if necessary, underground faults.  This takes the guesswork out of digging trenches or holes by safely locating cable services before any excavation works commence.