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Professional electrical services across Perth, Western Australia
PowerCare provides electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and offices from local Perth to regional Western Australia. Equipped for any electrical installation.

Residential Electrician

Our team works hand-in-hand with you to design and implement your residential power needs. Whether it’s power points, lighting points, fans, connecting up bore pumps to reticulation controllers, or wiring your alfresco, we love working together with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome at an affordable price

Commercial Electrician

From complete new dairy farms, cheese factories, wineries, abattoirs, or new showrooms, we come with a vast experience to support your business. This includes ensuring that your work place continues to work at its optimum level. From programmed maintenance, testing of exit and emergency lighting, safety switch installation and thermal imaging, we provide the services for all the electrical facets in your work place.

Industrial Electrician

Powercare, provide quality Industrial electrical work for your business needs. From the installation of new switch boards, to lighting upgrades or new socket outlets, we offer the complete package. Maintenance on process plants, motor controls, variable speed drives, and automation equipment, we love the challenge of ensuring that your equipment is operating in the most efficient and autonomous way possible.

Regional Electrician

We love country work. We have such a beautiful country to live in and thrive on being outdoors. Whether it’s your new barn, hay shed, machinery shed or house, we can offer you the services of having fully stocked vehicles to help you with your new installations, or to repair faults in existing installations. The challenge we thrive on is to get you up and running, so that you can continue farming. In fact, we have worked from Broome all the way to Bremer Bay, and have enjoyed every minute of it. And after 30 years in the industry, we reckon we know a thing or two to be able to meet your needs.
LED Lighting
LED lighting significantly reduces energy consumption (90% more efficient), reduces maintenance costs, and provides a higher level of safety. PowerCare provides new and upgrades to existing installations for residential, commercial and regional purposes.
Underground Cable Installation
Whether it is the underground power supply to your factory, shed, bore pump, or front gates, Powercare has the skill set and machinery to complete the full installation, be it rural, residential, commercial or regional.
Bore pumps
Your water supply is very important, particularly if you rely on this to supply water to your house, farm irrigation, or livestock. The team at Powercare has many years of experience in bore pumps, be it repairs, replacement of pumps, or the electrical control to operate the pump automatically.
Electrical Maintenance (Commercial & Residential)
Electrical maintenance is very important to allow your house, farm or business to operate efficiently. Powercare services many different installations, including the machinery and equipment to dairies, cheese factories, wineries and chicken farms, factories and warehouses are all covered.
Underground Cable Location
It is extremely important to know where your cables run underground before any excavation work is performed or that rural fence is installed. The cost of repairs to an underground supply is always far greater than the cost of the cable location. For peace of mind, Powercare can locate your underground cables.
Faults In Underground Cables
Faults in undergound cables usually mean damage in one or more places. And damage means the power supply is interrupted. Powercare has the tools and equipment to locate the cable, assess the fault, and repair the damage so you can continue to operate, be it at your house, your farm or your factory.
Stand By Gen-Sets
Generator installations are a fantastic insurance policy to prevent loss in the event of a power failure. Be it for the contents of your household freezer, your factory, your farm, or your rural property, Powercare can supply and install generators with automatic start and stop functions to create an almost seamless power supply.
Plant and Equipment
Powercare has reinvested into the business to improve efficiency with a 1.8T Kubota excavator and a JLG scissor lift. The excavator assists us digging trenches for your underground cables, particularly in hard soils. The scissor lift is quick and easy to tow around to your site, whether it’s the LED lighting in your factory, or the lights in your shed and stables.
Solar Pumps
Solar pumps improve efficiency and capabilities particularly for those remote rural areas, where grid connected power supplies are just out of the question. They are imperative to pump water to livestock or for irrigation. Powercare can assist in the design, supply and construction of your next solar pump installation.
Custom Solutions
The team at Powercare pride themselves in finding a solution for your installation. It’s great to be able to assist our clients achieve their specific needs. We have the industry experience and commitment to provide custom electrical solutions for your next project.